There is nothing like the sight and sound of a gorgeous, golden harp. Nothing in this world, anyway. The harp is an exquisite work of art whose physical beauty produces rich and powerful music. This premier instrument holds you captive and at the same time sets you free! Surround your wedding or special event with the sight and sound of this big, beautiful harp.

What your wedding would look like with my harp:

I start playing the harp twenty minutes before your wedding as your guests arrive. This pre-ceremony harp music is often a mix of romantic, contemporary, and classical pieces. When everyone is ready to begin, I play the entrance music for the wedding party, and then the bridal entrance music. During the ceremony I can play special background music for a unity candle, sand ceremony, or wine ceremony. I can also play the harp softly throughout the ceremony. At the conclusion, I play your exit music followed by one final harp piece as your guests are moving to the cocktail hour. We can discuss all of your many options. And if thinking about the music is just too stressful, simply leave it all in my capable hands. Your wish is my command!

Special Events

The harp overwhelms your heart and soul, but leaves your ears free to hear the person next to you – without shouting! So, if you desire a gathering where conversation and music peacefully coexist, this golden harp is your answer.

Somewhere in Time - Mary Fawcett     

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